The award of the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) is a privilege awarded as a mark of excellence to members of the legal profession who are in full time legal practice, have distinguished themselves as advocates and have made significant contribution to the development of the legal profession.

Advocacy includes both written and oral advocacy before the higher courts arbitrations and tribunals. The award shall be an independent indication of excellence in the legal profession. It is to provide a public identification of advocates whose standing and achievement would justify an expectation on the part of clients, the judiciary and the public that they can provide outstanding services as advocates and advisers in the overall best interest of administration of justice.

All applications will be considered without regard to ethnic origin, pedigree, physical, disability, marital status, age, religious beliefs, political views or affiliations.
Applicants must be legal practitioners called to the bar and practicing in Nigeria as an advocate and must have been in active current legal practice and have been so for at least 10 years immediately proceeding the date of application. In determining “Active current legal practice” in addition to such inquiry it considers necessary, the LPPC may consult the:

  1. Chief judge of the state where the candidates has his main law

  2. Local branch of the Nigerian Bar Association where the
    candidate has his main office.